Eight Strategies to Improve Your Training and System Adoption Rates

1. Establish backups for people who are in training to maintain productivity, temporary staff, or a colleague who is cross-trained in the user’s work. It is difficult to focus on training when you know your work is piling up!

2. Utilize multiple training tools, because everyone learns differently supplement classroom training with computer-based training (CBT), web training, workbooks, etc.

3. Trainers LOVE lists of questions! Make the most out of the time spent training, have participants do some pre-work before class, so that they come to class with questions. Also, have the administrative tasks taken care of prior to training (logins, passwords, etc.)

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What Your Portal Should Be Doing For You


Communicating with your patient in a secure manner is a common answer to this question. According to Healthcare IT a patient portal “is a web-based access point that allows doctors and patients to communicate and share health information remotely, supplementing the ongoing management of the patient’s care”.

But what else should your patient portal be doing for you? Several users have compiled a list of several questions when looking at a portal.

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