NEW! Products & Services Resource Guide

The CHUG Board is very excited to announce the eagerly anticipated launch of the new Products & Services resource guide!

WHAT IS IT? A searchable database of reputable healthcare products, services and solutions, all conveniently located on the CHUG website.

WHY? We wanted to facilitate a more efficient search process for users seeking solutions.

How it works:
Vendors participating in the new program will each receive a spot in the resource database. The more vendors who participate, the more robust the database becomes.

We are encouraging vendors to provide educational materials about their products, white papers, videos, demonstrations, and an interactive calendar of their upcoming events.

To use the database, simply navigate to the new “Products & Services” tab and click on the categories you would like to search. The results will be filtered based on the companies currently assigned to that category.

Click on each company logo to explore their offerings and learn more about their product or service.

It’s as simple as that!

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Best regards, The CHUG Team