Come join us in the Value Based Care Research & Usability Lab at C-LIVE!

Come join us in the Value Based Care Research & Usability Lab at C-LIVE!

These are one-on-one 30 minute sessions designed to share work in progress and get feedback from you. Help us design our future. Look at our offerings below and click the link to reserve your spot.

Project Northstar: Exploring Patient Self-Registration

What are your clinic’s needs in a patient-driven registration workflow? Come help us understand what the pain points are from both the patient and clinic view point.

Who should sign up: Practice Management Staff, Patients

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Test Out the Project Northstar Full Registration Workflow

Full Registration usability testing.  In this session we will be testing the design and flow for full patient registration to give users the opportunity to provide feedback in order to shape the future development of the product.

Who should sign up: Anyone directly involved in full patient registration.

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Finalizing Registration Details: the Pleasure and Pain Points

In this session we will be exploring the what works well and what are the pain points in Centricity’s Registration process today.

We will be looking in particular at Insurance management, document and photo collection, and editing information will be areas for exploration.

Who should sign up: Anyone involved in the registration process

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Payer Connect: Problem Reconciliation

Come help us refine the problem reconciliation workflow within Payer Connect.

Who should sign up: Clinicians, Billers, Practice Management Staff

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Break EMR Walls and Go Mobile

Come help us create the future of patient care. Break the binds to the EMR.  Anywhere, anytime, on any device.

We’d like to show you some ideas in our treasure box and get your thoughts and ideas. Bring your dreams – we are imagining the future – Today.

Who should sign up: Doctors, Nurses, Specialists, MAs, post-care, follow up – anyone interfacing with patient on care

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Project Northstar Physician Encounter Simplified

Come help us create the future of an encounter workflow. Test out a concept and give us feedback on the global navigation and user experience.

Who should sign up: Clinician, Nurse Practitioners

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Project Northstar Orders: Hot Off the Press

Help us meet certification for the new features in Northstar Orders. You’ll have tasks to complete using the real code and get to be one of our first customers

Who should sign up: Providers and Clinical Support Staff – anyone who creates and manages orders.

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Improve Care Coordination with Hospital Connect

Care coordination across delivery settings has always been challenging for the healthcare system. Until now. Hospital Connect provides real-time access to clinical data from thousands of acute and ambulatory healthcare organizations via a single interface to the cloud. Come see how Hospital Connect works; help us improve it to meet your needs, improve patient care and increase provider efficiency.

Who should sign up: Providers and Clinical, and Non-Clinical Support Staff — anyone doing chart prep.

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Workforce Management: Making overtime and attendance visible and actionable

Does your organization struggle with overtime costs? Do your staffers need to see which staff is on the floor while away from the office? Test out working prototypes that make overtime and attendance both visible and actionable. Or help us create new solutions by participating in a hands-on business origami session to visualize one of your complex staffing or payroll workflows.

Who should sign up:

  • Individuals who look for opportunities to reduce overtime costs
  • Individuals who monitor daily staffing and attendance
  • People who train these individuals
  • Anyone who likes to optimize staffing and payroll workflows

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