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GE Healthcare Receives 2016 Computerworld Data + Editor’s Choice Award

GE Healthcare’s Centricity™ EDI Services was awarded the 2016 Computerworld Data + Editor’s Choice Award. The annual awards program “honors organizations achieving business benefits through big data such as fighting credit-card fraud, determining the best ways to treat hospitalized patients, or promoting positive social, economic or educational change.

GE Healthcare uses Talend Big Data Integration to run its Centricity EDI Services Clearinghouse, which serves more than 2,100 healthcare organizations in the U.S. and annually processes approximately 588 million claims representing $220 billion in transactions. Our clearinghouse uses Talend technology to streamline the flow of data in the 1B transactions that occur each year between payers and providers – in an effort to deliver the most effective patient treatment in the most efficient way possible.  By leveraging Talend in the middle of our network, we can help our customers reduce or entirely remove the wasted time often encountered when processing claims between healthcare payers and providers, so they can instead focus more resources on administering quality patient care.

When presenting the award to GE Healthcare, Scot Finnie, editor in chief, Computerworld, said “We are pleased to announce the 2016 Computerworld Data+ Editors’ Choice Awards honorees. This year’s 20 winning organizations have used data analytics to achieve a wide spectrum of gains, from improving business profitability to uncovering trends in criminal activity and reducing energy use — even keeping trains running on schedule. We’re continually impressed with the new and inventive analytics projects at organizations big and small uncovered through our Data+ program. This year’s winning organizations are at the forefront of applying data analytics to deliver both business and societal benefits.”

From the beginning of the project to move from the legacy platform to Talend ESB, our team had three main goals in mind, all of which have been realized:

  1. Zero disruption to existing customers: We designed a way to make the transition almost invisible to customers and were successful in meeting this goal.
  1. Turnaround times/compliance: GE Healthcare has been able to consistently meet and exceed internal Service Level Agreement (SLA) goals regarding turnaround times and surpassing external industry compliance standards.
  1. Growth: We are expanding our EDI footprint to include practice management systems outside of the GE Healthcare portfolio. By increasing our EDI data center’s ability to double our peak time volume of transactions, uncovering bottlenecks and learning how to scale with more elasticity we are opening new doors to growth.

This award, coming on the heels of last year’s “Talend Data Masters” award is a strong declaration on how Centricity EDI Services continues to provide value to our customers by using data, intelligent machines, advanced analytics, and people in ways that dramatically improve productivity and efficiency to enable better health outcomes at a lower cost.