March is Customer Portal transformation month for Healthcare Digital

Dear United States* Based CentricityTM Business, Centricity Group Management, Centricity Practice Solution, Centricity EMR, Centricity Enterprise and Centricity EDI Customers:

March is transformation month for your Healthcare Digital Customer Portal experience.

Coming March 5th - improvements to Accounts, Knowledge and Cases.**

  • System wide product line filtering: The KnowledgeProducts, and Cases tabs will only show information for the products you manage.
  • Better filtering for case lists: Two new case lists called My Open Cases and All Open Cases display cases that need attention. Downloads to Excel* contain additional columns of valuable data.
  • New Customer Admin functionality: Create and edit contacts, grant and revoke Customer Portal access.
  • More intuitive navigation: The Solutions tab is renamed to Products.

Coming March 19th - a new unified Customer Portal experience!**

  • Background: Currently, you log into the Service Portal at where you find product information, documentation and communities. On the Contact Support page, when you click the Service Cloud button it links you to the Service Cloud Customer Portal where you can enter support cases.
  • What’s changing? All portal functionality is being consolidated into the Service Cloud Customer Portal, which will result in a more unified portal experience.
  • Stay tuned: Another email will be sent in March detailing actions required. Watch a portal preview demo - Link

Coming March 31st - the old Service portal will be retired.

  • From March 19th to March 31st you will be able to access both portals.
  • Each Product line may be on slightly different timelines for when the transition to the unified portal will be complete. Check the Service portal for updates about the timeline and what to expect.
  • On April 1st the old Service Portal will be retired.

If you need assistance or have questions, contact your appropriate GE or value added reseller product line support representative.