CHUG @ Centricity Live!

Sign up now for pre-conference User Group meetings at Centricity LIVE!

Space is limited, sign up now for pre-conference User Group meetings at Centricity LIVE

You’re invited to attend a selection of Financial Management pre-conference User Group meetings at Centricity LIVE 2017.

These meetings are complimentary and are targeted for the Financial Management User Group community, which includes GE Healthcare customers with the following Centricity solutions:

  • Centricity Business
  • Centricity EDI Services
  • Centricity Group Management
  • Centricity Financial Risk Manager
  • Centricity Informatics

The majority of user group meetings will occur on Wednesday, May 17, prior to Centricity LIVE, with the exception of those which will gather during breakfast time on Thursday, May 18 and Friday, May 19. The purpose of these meetings is to enhance the sharing of ideas and information, as well as to channel feedback to and from GE Healthcare. Attend as many meetings as your schedule allows.

User Group Date Time
NHUG: National Hospital Users’ Group 5/17 9-10:30am
Anesthesia Users’ Group 5/17 10-10:55am
TES Users’ Group 5/17 11am-12:25pm
ETM Users’ Group 5/17 12:30-1:55pm
EDI Services Users’ Group 5/17 9:30am-12:25pm
WRUG: Western Region Users’ Group 5/17 3-5pm
Informatics Users’ Group 5/17 3-5pm
PAUG: Patient Access Users’ Group 5/17 2-4pm
VTG: Virtual Training Group 5/17 3-5pm
CGM Appointment Scheduling User Group 5/18 7:00-7:45am
NIBP: Networking to Improve Business Performance 5/19 7:30-8:20am
CGM Anesthesia User Group 5/19 7:30-8:20am

Space is limited. To reserve your spot at a Centricity User Group meeting you must first register to attend Centricity LIVE. Reserving your seat is easy:

  1. Register for Centricity LIVE
  2. Log into the Agenda Builder
  3. Under the Event heading, select the Browse & Search option
  4. Under the Session Type subheading, select PreConference
  5. Personalize your agenda

You will be able to review your agenda and make changes on the Centricity LIVE mobile app. Bring 3+ people from the same organization and Save $100* more per ticket!

See you in Boston!