CHUG Fall 2017 Call for Presentations

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“Pass a Good Time” at CHUG Fall 2017!

Healthcare organizations are confronting considerable changes in the journey of transformation.  As we move along this path you will not want to miss “Quality is the New Currency”!

Join us as we discuss and give you the tools, to become successful in your transition towards value based care.  Let us help you navigate and understand the role of data in improvement and quality care.

We will be introducing exciting new leadership and teamwork resources this Fall!

BE the leader your employees WANT to follow.  A leader steps up in time of crisis and is able to think and act creatively in challenging situations, to inspire staff to perform and engage in achieving common goals. It’s about knowing your team, having a shared vision, and setting up staff up for success. To survive in this complex, ever changing market requires a strong, passionate and innovative team.

Why Attend?

As an attendee you have the opportunity to gain knowledge, tips and tricks for multiple education sessions and collaborate with 600 plus healthcare professionals.

Continuing Education (CME)

Application for CME credit will be filed with the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Pre-conference classes also open for registration.

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Explore Bourbon Street at CHUG Fall 2017

What to Do: Bourbon Street

It’s no secret that the French Quarter is the place to party! With many clubs, DJs, and bars- the celebration opportunities are endless.  Though what’s often gone unnoticed is Bourbon Street’s history which dates back to the early 18th century.  The street is especially rich with historic venues, social tales and iconic buildings. “Rue Bourbon” is located at the heart of the French Quarter extending 13 blocks from Canal St. to Esplanade Avenue.  Regardless of the reason, your trip to New Orleans isn’t complete without a visit to Bourbon Street.

What to Eat: Gumbo

Enjoy some Louisiana Gumbo at CHUG Fall 2017Gumbo has come to be one of the best examples of the multicultural melting pot that has made New Orleans what it is. The dish is best described as a type of stew served over rice.

Everyone has their own rendition as some use seafood instead of chicken or sausage instead of ham. It’s all a matter of personal preference and taste- of course!

When in NOLA, locals suggest either Mr. B’s Bistro for their “Gumbo Ya-Ya’ or the Gumbo Shop for their famous seafood okra gumbo.

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