CHUG at Centricity LIVE 2018: Opening Day Keynote Announced

Healthcare in the Era of Artificial Intelligence | Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 8:15 AM

CHUG at Centricity LIVE 2018 is honored to present an investigation into how medicine is evolving as artificial intelligence enters the field. How doctors can best use it, the state-of-the-art technology, and what it means for hospitals and ambulatory care practices. It is not Doctor against Machine, but instead the Doctor assisted by Machine. The Keynote will provide different perspectives on how AI is being used, from Research Sites to Leading Institutions to Ubiquity.

They present, for the first time together, their experiences on Healthcare in the era of AI and how it is evolving and improving the way we treat patients, this is a can’t miss Keynote Session at CHUG at Centricity LIVE 2018!

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New Fall Webinar Series– Increase Provider Efficiency, Enhance Care Quality and Strengthen Financial Performance

New Fall Webinar Series


Dear Centricity™ Practice Solution and Centricity EMR Customers:

Value-based care is here, and GE Healthcare would like to be your trusted advisor through these changing times. Our team has designed a robust webinar program to help you increase provider efficiency, enhance care quality, and strengthen financial performance as well as successfully transition to the ONC 2015 edition. Please review this communication from Chad Dodd, General Manager of Ambulatory Practice Solutions, to learn more about this webinar series, and click here to register for these upcoming webinars.




KLAS Trending Reports


In case you missed it, earlier this month, in lieu of our monthly newsletter, we sent a special message from our founder, Kent Gale. That message is contained below. We wanted to give everyone the chance to participate in the beta phase of our EMR Improvement Collaborative, which is aimed at helping fix the EMR-productivity paradox. The sign-up period for the beta phase will end on June 30th. Please let us know if you are interested in participating.

Read Kent’s message below, 

The challenges virtually every physician and caregiver faces using an electronic record motivates us to replace our newsletter this month in favor of an invitation to participate in an industry solution for EMR usability.

Your organization is invited to participate in a collaborative to improve the usability, effectiveness and happy adoption of EMRs. You and your peers have challenged KLAS to step up, leveraging our industry connections. You can help but it might take some extra courage.

The backbone of this approach is EMR utility and satisfaction measurements at organizations across the country. All physicians at an organization are invited to provide their two cents, allowing you and your organization to benchmark your users’ responses against those of other organizations. With the 13 organizations who have participated to date, we have begun to see this data be a powerful motivator for change and direction of what you can do to improve the experience of end users.

Participation is not for everyone—some organizations have expressed nervousness to elicit this feedback or a feeling that the time is not right. If you want to explore the possibility please email EMRcollaborative@klasresearch.com to meet with us and understand if this is a fit for you.

Want to see a sneak peak of what we are learning to date from the over 6,000 responses we have collected? Click below to watch the webinar and read our most recent findings.

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Thank you, 
Kent Gale
Founder of KLAS


Major ambulatory software announcement coming at Centricity LIVE!

The journey toward value-based care is rapid, complex, dynamic and relentless. At Centricity LIVE, GE Healthcare will announce a new strategy for helping ambulatory providers navigate the twists and turns of value-based care to efficiently enhance care quality and manage mixed payment models.

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Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to hear how GE intends to help you engage patients in a more meaningful way and improve patient outcomes while optimizing revenue cycle performance.

If you’re a Centricity Practice Solution or Centricity EMR customer, and if you care about the future of ambulatory care, you don’t want to miss this major announcement.

Jon Zimmerman, VP & GM, Clinical Business Solutions, GE Healthcare Digital will discuss this new strategy at the CHUG General Session onThursday, May 19, at 8:00 AM.

You must attend Centricity LIVE to learn all the details. Time is running out… so don’t wait until the very last minute to register.

Centricity LIVE
May 17-20, 2016
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, Arizona

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Product Issue affecting PQRS & MU: CQMs CMS 68 & CMS 147

Message from GE Healthcare:
Dear Centricity Practice Solution and Centricity EMR Customers:

We are writing to advise you of an important issue pertaining to PQRS and Meaningful Use reporting with Clinical Quality Reporting (CQR). We have learned that results for Clinical Quality Measure (CQMs) CMS 68 and CMS 147 may not be calculated appropriately for your practice. This communication describes the nature of the problem, what we have done to resolve it, and actions we recommend to ensure the appropriateness of your PQRS and/or Meaningful Use reporting using CQR results.

In summary, we recommend four scenarios for action.
* For those who plan to use or have already used CQR for PQRS and for those who plan to use CQR for Meaningful Use, we recommend the actions described below.
* For those who have already used CQR for Meaingful Use for Medicare, NO ACTION is required.
* For those who have already used Crystal Reports or plan to use Crystal Reports (or another reporting mechanism) to attest for Meaningful Use, NO ACTION is required.
* For those who have already used CQR for Meaningful Use for Medicaid, we recommend that you contact your state for guidance.

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For CPS customers
For CEMR customers