Message from CHUG Board

February 11, 2015

Mr. Jan De Witte
President and CEO Healthcare IT and Performance Solution
GE Healthcare
540 W Northwest Highway
Barrington, IL

Dear Mr. De Witte,

This coming April the CHUG Board will be traveling to Orlando, FL to participate in the first ever CHUG @ Centricity Live. We would like to take this opportunity to have an open and honest dialogue with you and some of your leaders about the state of the product, interactions with the GE team, and commitment for the future. Thus, the CHUG Board respectfully requests a meeting with yourself, Jon Zimmerman, Peter Kinhan, Clarissa Beyah-Talyor, David Hale and Evren Eryurek.

As you may recall, two years ago, the CHUG Board met with you in Las Vegas, NV and expressed concerns about the direction of the product. In the past two years, some of these concerns have materialized. And while there have been many efforts by the GE team to mitigate these issues, we remain in an urgent situation that has placed us all in jeopardy. This situation includes particular challenges related to interactions between CHUG and GE, severe product quality issues, and overall problems with customer service and support.

It is our sincere hope, that as a result of this meeting, you will have a candid picture of the product issues we face, the impact of those issues on your customers, and the needs we have to continue repairing the fragile relationship between GE, the CHUG Board, and the thousands of customers we represent.

Thank you for your time and consideration in addressing this matter, we look forward to your prompt response.

Etan M. Walls, CISSP
President, Centricity Healthcare User Group Board of Directors

February 12, 2015

Etan M. Walls, CISSP
President, Centricity Healthcare User Group
Board of Directors

Dear Mr. Walls,

Thank you for your continued engagement with GE and for reaching out to me to share your concerns. I accept your invitation to meet in person at the upcoming CLIVE meeting this spring.

I realize we have some work to do, and that you are engaged with many members of my leadership team on several issues. I welcome the opportunity to listen to your concerns first-hand, get your feedback on the progress we are making and counsel on the additional steps we need to take.

Please know my leadership team and I appreciate your advocacy on behalf of many GE Healthcare IT customers. I look forward to meeting with you in April.

Jan De Witte, President & CEO
GE Healthcare IT